East Texas Barndominiums

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East Texas Barndominiums

Simply put, we build better Barndominiums.

If you’re dreaming of building a Barndominium, East Texas Barndominiums, LLC can make that dream a reality with our custom ultra-durable barn homes.

We help new and prospective homeowners build the Barndominium of their dreams.


Let us help you design the home of your dreams or use your existing floor plans.


Whether you’re looking for a simple carriage house or an upscale five-bedroom farmhouse, look no further than East Texas Barndominiums, LLC


East Texas Barndominiums is not only your builder, we are your partner, and we’ll be with you every step of the way from groundbreaking to project completion.

Metal Buildings

At East Texas Barndominiums we build metal buildings that are durable, economical, and fully customizable.

Are you dreaming of building a Barndominium?

Look no further than East Texas Barndominiums to make that dream a reality.

Barndominiums are having a moment. And for a good reason.
Starting with ultra-durable metal framing, Barndominiums have taken the concept of metal framing for commercial and industrial buildings and applied the heavy-duty construction choice to your home, making them an investment that will last.

The strength and durability of metal provides the owner less maintenance.

Aesthetically, a Barndominium offers more choice than a traditional stick-build. Using metal framing and beams, we can create cavernous open spaces without the constraints of the center supports required with wood.

The outer walls of a Barndominium do not have to be metal unless that’s the look you love. We can finish the exterior just like the interior, making it look like a traditional home. We can even use conventional roofing materials.

At East Texas Barndominiums we build homes. We build assets.
We will be your partner throughout the entire process. At East Texas Barndominiums, our open lines of communication and personal approach allow us to build the critical relationship between builder and homeowner.

We will not only meet your expectations. We will exceed them.
Don’t trust your Barndominium dream to just anyone. We have over thirty years of experience in the construction industry and extensive experience building custom homes. We can make your dream a reality. Together.


Simply put, we build better Barndominiums.